Maximize Safety with Customized Liability Coverage for Roofing Companies


As a roofing professional, you know that safety is paramount to your business. Construction is the most dangerous industry in Canada, with hundreds of deaths attributed to the sector every year. Roofing, because of the height that is involved with the work, is especially dangerous. The Ontario Health and Safety Act sets out guidelines for construction, and most roofing company owners do their best to comply with them. But reassessing and making improvements can help to maximize safety. Did you know that an effective way to ensure workplace safety is to partner with an insurance broker that works with you to access customized liability coverage for roofing contractors? If you chose your insurance coverage by comparing costs and coverage from an insurance company, you may be missing out on the services that a brokerage specializing in customized liability coverage can offer.


Advantages of Customized Coverage


Insurance brokers who specialize in customized commercial coverage will do an in-depth assessment of your business in order to design a policy that will provide coverage in all of the areas where you need it, and none of the areas where you don’t. In the long run, this type of tailored policy will save you money. In the event that an accident does happen, you can be confident that your coverage will be sufficient.


When you partner with a broker, the first step is for him/her to learn as much as possible about your company. Next, a safety specialist will conduct a comprehensive risk analysis on your business. This specialist will be able to make specific recommendations to help improve safety for your employees and for your clients. Since the costs of your company having an accident can be devastating, this service is one of the best ways to safeguard your company. Reducing your exposure to risk is in everyone’s best interests.


Choosing an Insurer


When looking for a brokerage, find one that offers comprehensive risk analysis. Meet with a broker to learn more about the company. Come prepared with questions about:

·       Knowledge. Does the company have a program of continuing education in place so that they are able to advise you about relevant issues, developments, and government legislation?

·       Experience. How long has the company been in existence? How many roofing companies do they deal with?

·       Ownership. Is the company based in Canada? Is it owned by a corporation or is it family-owned?

·       Costs. Are the rates competitive with other companies?

·       Policies. Which insurance companies do they work with? How much input will you have into the process of creating the custom policy?


Most of all, see if the broker is someone whom you can build a relationship with. As with any partnership, the client/broker relationship must be built on mutual trust. Your broker should know that you are telling the truth about your company’s compliance with safety guidelines and legislation, and that you are providing adequate training and supervision for employees. You must be able to trust that the broker is working hard to ensure that your employees and your business will be fully covered in the case of any accident or incident.


Contact a brokerage that specializes in accessing customized commercial liability coverage for roofing today, and learn more about the advantages of an insurance policy that’s tailored to your specific needs.

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